Neutral Labs	Pip Eurorack Complex Modulation Module

Neutral Labs Pip Eurorack Complex Modulation Module

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Eurorack Modulation Module with load of Modulating Modulations.

Dual clocked CV generator/recorder


Two morphable CV generators/complex LFOs in 8 HP that can be synced to each other in predefined ratios, unsynced or phase-shifted between each other. Choose from a large variety of preset waveforms, random waves or record and morph your own external CV or knob movements.

PIP simultaneously generates two CV waveforms, one per channel. Channel B is the master channel and it is synced to an internal or external clock. The clock of channel A depends on that of channel B: You can either set a fixed clock division, a free (arbitrary) ratio or you can adjust the phase relationship between channel B and channel A.

The waveforms are arranged into rows and pages (PG). Each channel has 16 wavetable pages with 3 waveforms per page that can be morphed into each other using the MORPH knobs. In addition, each channel has a special random (sample&hold/sample&glide) page. It is possible to record incoming CV or knob movements onto each channel.

The recorded waveform replaces the middle waveform of the current page and can then be morphed as well.

There are 4 outputs, 2 per channel. The upper output is unipolar, it outputs a waveform ranging from 0V to +5V, while the lower one is bipolar and outputs the same waveform scaled to a range of roughly -5V to +5V.

Both waveforms are output simultaneously, which makes it possible to drive multiple modulation destinations without having to split the signal using a buffered multiple or stacked cables.

You could e.g. modulate channel B’s CV input from the unipolar (upper) channel A output, while also modulating another module’s CV input from the bipolar (lower) channel A output.

● Width: 8 HP
● Supply voltage: +12V/-12V (Eurorack 10-pin header) ● Current draw:

○ +12V: 60 mA
○ -12V: 30 mA
○ 5V: unused, 0 mA

● CV inputs: 4x 0V to 5V usable, -12V to 12V absolute

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