Plankton Electronics Envf Eurorack Envelope Follower Module

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Plankton Electronics Envf Eurorack Envelope Follower Module

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2hp Eurorack Envelope Follower Module



ENVF is a Envelope Follower with only 2HP. It will take an audio input and will output a DC output following the amplitude of the audio input. Ideal for driving VCAs, VCFs or the NUTONE. Very useful to creating sidechain effects.
– 1 input and 2 outputs: normal and inverted.
– The treshold potentiometer will set the amplitude at which the envelope follower will start to follow. It affects the input signal. A green led will show when the input is crossing the treshold level.
– The gain potentiometer will affect at the envelope output.
– The slope switch sets the smoothness of the envelope curve. At the FAST position it will follow the minor changes in the sound, like the resonance blips on a filtered bass sound. At the SLOW position it will only follow the biggest changes in the amplitude, like the shape of a kick drum.
– 2 leds showing the output levels of the 2 envelopes.


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