Plankton Electronics Nutone Eurorack Nutube Distrortion Module

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Plankton Electronics Nutone Eurorack Nutube Distrortion Module

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Eurorack Tube Warmth Module



Nutone is dual channel VCA and distortion based on the new Korg Nutube vacuum fluorescent display. The real triode structure of the Nutube produces a warm, unique vacuum tube sound.

-Dual / stereo unit. Patch both channels in series to add an extra distortion level or use it in parallel to process stereo signals. All the controls are duplicate.
– CV inputs for the channel gain.
– Independent FEEDBACK parameters for each channels . The output is send back to the input to add more saturation and noise to the circuit. With this control the NUTONE is capable of generate sound itself.
– Sending potentiometers between channels. “OUT1 to IN2” sends the output of the channel 1 to the channel 2. this way you can control the amount of signal going from one channel to the other one. Also it provides a way to mix different signals (i.e.: you can process the channel 1 output with a VCF and send back to the channel 2 while mixing the original signal in it). Turning up both send potentiometers will enter in a feedback mode between channels.
– Low power consumption.


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