Quanalog Boubou Eurorack Polyphonic Analog Drum Synth Module

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Eurorack Multi Drum Voice

The Quanalog Boubou is a combination of 5 voices of filter based analog drum synth that cover the basic drum set. Kick, Low and Hi Tom, Rimshot, Snare and Hi Hats that can be the foundation for your Eurorack drum setup. Each voice has a lot of necessary control which can be developed further to reach a wider range of possibilities.

At its base every drum engine can become a signal processor with the core made by analog filter, so it can also process other engines, or alternatively other modules.

Each sound has been carefully made with specific analog filter structure to be able to create real percussion feel cover from low-end to hi-end frequency. We carefully tweak every single component to make a very classic sound quality with hi-end built with all metal pot, jack and switch to make sure its the last module that break on your setup.

5 voices Eurorack filter based analog drum synthesizer
Each voice has a wide range of sound that can reach to all drums
Pure sine resonance excited analog filter make warm thick and powerful sound that can cover very low-end frequency
Real independence analog noise engine for snare and hats pass thru analog decay vca and bandpass filter with cv control for decay amount and filter resonance point
Cv control for pitch, tune and decay make it more groovy
Hi-end sound quality
Minimal futuristic panel design in black and golden finish, Tank built quality – minimal futuristic panel design in black and golden finish with all metal pot, jack and switch.
Complete your eurorack drums setup with 5 analog drum sound for just 28hp. Space saving!

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