Ritual Electronics Altar Eurorack Filter Module

Ritual Electronics Altar Eurorack Filter Module

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Eurorack Filter Module

Altar is a voltage controlled 3-pole, 18dB/octave state variable filter.
Altar The configuration of the filter can be smoothly crossfaded from BP to LP to HP. This unusual filter type arrangement brings out very nice harmonics and nuances. It is really suited to CV control. The CV input has an attenuverter.
Resonance is under voltage control with attenuverter as well allowing for great timbre modulations. It is particularly useful to recreate accent patterns à la 303 which boost the resonance a bit.

There is a gain at Altar's input to beef up your signal which then distort the filter core.

The filter tracks 1V/oct for 4-5 octaves and can turn into a very sweet sine oscillator. Try using it with:

Miasma as a waveshaper!

Altar has been designed by Mathieu Fröhlich (creator of Squarp's Hermod) as part of a dream synth he is working on.

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