Sherman Filterbank 2 Analogue Filter (Rackmount)

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The Sherman Filterbank is a powerful analog filtering and distortion unit with a huge frequency range and a killing TUBE overdrive behavior. It's Easy and FUN to use, live and in the studio processing every sound source, effect mixing, expanding modular systems, etc.

2 parallel or serial filters with independent LP, BP, HP with resonance, frequency, positive or negative ADSR modulation controls. Second filter has a 6 octave switch for adding harmonics and is synchronizable to the first filter. ADSR envelope with CV output for use with modular use; can be triggered by input audio signal, a second sound source or a gate. 1 FM input for external audio, LFO or other CVs. 1 VCA overdrive with additional AR envelope generator. 1 ring mod input

both outputs plugged: pure noise
only Main Output plugged: noise & feedback
only Out1 plugged: feedback through filter 2

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