Sherman Filterbank 2 Compact Analogue Filter (Tabletop)

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A classic, but smaller - The Sherman Filterbank Compact is a powerful analog filtering/distortion unit with a wide frequency range and ferocious overdrive.

2 parallel or serial resonant filters with independent LP, BP, HP, frequency and positive or negative ADSR modulation controls. Filter 2 has a 6 oct switch for adding harmonics and can be sync'd to the first filter. The ADSR envelope with CV output makes it perfect for use with modular synthesisers, and it can be triggered by audio input, a second sound source or a gate signal. It has an FM input for external audio, LFO or other CVs, a VCA overdrive with additional AR envelope generator and a ring mod input. On top of all that, there is a noise generator and feedback loop, activated only when no jack is plugged into the input.


  • MIDI In/Out, 3x Thru
  • Main out, out1 (Filter1)
  • Trigger AR, AM In, ADSR Out and Trigger In, Link In/Out, FM In, Sig. In, Pedal In
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