Steady State Fate Vortices Eurorack Mixer Module

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Eurorack Mixer Module

WARNING: Vortices must be in EXP mode when using V-CV.

Please read the V-CV section in the manual for more details

16hp Character mixer modeled after vintage analog consoles and magnetic tape machines.


6 channel Mono Mixer including 4 attenuated inputs with tape saturation and level control, hard limiting and high frequency tone shaping.

VC Panning on Channels 1 & 4

VC Cross-Fading on Channel 2 & 3

2 Auxiliary Mono inputs

Stereo Output

Direct Cross-Fader Output

8 channel Stereo Mixer (4 stereo pairs) including 3 attenuated inputs with lighter coloration, hard limiting and a brighter frequency response.

L>R Normalized to accommodate mono signals

1 Auxiliary Stereo input

Stereo Output

Master Mix Output

Stereo Jack Master Mix Output on the back of the PCB

V-CV Expander included. Adds level/saturation control for all attenuated mixer channels.



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