System80 820 Eurorack Oscillator Module

System80 820 Eurorack Oscillator Module

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Eurorack Oscillator Module

The System80 820 Eurorack Oscillator is a utility Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) based on the saw integrator and waveshapers common to many vintage Roland designs from the late 1970s. It features a discrete temperature compensated saw (ramp) core coupled to waveshaping circuitry that produces a pulse wave with adjustable width, a triangle wave and a sine wave. The conversion of the saw wave to a triangle wave produces a distinctive reset glitch at each peak. The triangle wave is bent by a diode shaper to produce an approximate sine wave.

Discrete Voltage Controlled Oscillator with temperature compensated exponential converter
1 V/octave tracking over 8+ octaves
Sync input with weak and strong oscillator sync modes
1 V/octave CV input + one attenuated exponential CV inputs for pitch/frequency modulation
Five position octave range switch
Waveform outputs: Pulse, Ramp, Triangle, and Sine
Pulse Width Modulation CV input

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