System80 850 Eurorack Modulation Module

System80 850 Eurorack Modulation Module

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The 850 is a fully analog utility module that combines a voltage controlled LFO, Sample & Hold, Noise source, and a Slew Limiter. The S&H section is normalized to Pink Noise (random) or any of the outputs of the LFO without patching. The output of the S&H circuit is normalized to the Slew Limiter input, allowing slew to be added to the S&H signal. The internal clock driving the S&H doubles as an auxiliary triangle shape LFO. The main voltage controlled LFO features an adjustable delay circuit triggered by an external rising pulse, allowing a gradual increase in LFO amplitude after a reset pulse.


  • Voltage controlled LFO with selectable sine, triangle, ramp and square output
  • LFO gate/reset input and adjustable rise time after reset
  • S&H with internal clock, external clock, and external sample input
  • Auxiliary triangle LFO output from S&H clock
  • White and Pink noise sources
  • Slew Limiter with input normalization to S&H output or S&H clock pulse


  • Width 14 HP
  • Depth 28 mm
  • Power 40mA +12V, 20mA −12V
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