Tubbutec uTune Expander Eurorack Module

Tubbutec uTune Expander Eurorack Module

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Tubbutec uTune Expander

This expander adds two additional channels to µTune. Each channel has a CV-in, GATE/FREQ-in, CV-out and GATE-out. Functions for each output can be assigned freely.

An additional LED shows the state of the gate outputs: Channel A in blue and Channel B in red. The led is green normally to indicate proper connection to the host.

Up to three expanders can be added to µTune for a maximum of 8 channels.

The expander houses a complete microcontroller system used for AD/DA conversion, frequency measurement and communication with the host µTune module. The expander is essentially a complete µTune, but without display, buttons and midi connections.
Like µTune, each expander is calibrated and tested by Tubbutec prior to shipping.

Voice allocation
µTune and expanders feature a flexible voice allocation. Channels can be grouped and each group act as a separate polyphonic or monophonic voice group. See the µTune manual for more info.

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