Tubbutec uTune Eurorack Microtonal MIDI/CV Module

Tubbutec uTune Eurorack Microtonal MIDI/CV Module

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Eurorack microtuning module

Tubbutec µTune is a tool designed to serve all needs that may arise when dealing with microtonal scales in a modular context. But of course you can also use in a normal, not microtonal way.

Main features

Two channel microtonal Midi to CV/Gate interface with various voice assign modes
A two channel microtonal quantizer / mapper
Two channel CV/Gate to midi conversion sends microtonal midi
A built in scale editor to conveniently edit, load and save scales from an SD card
Midi router/merger to route midi note and clock data independently between USB, DIN midi and µTune
Freely configurable inputs and outputs. Can detect if input is plugged in and change behaviour accordingly which makes the module extremely flexible
10 point VCO calibration to linearise VCO CV response
High precision 16 bit outputs, resolution about 0.15mV / 0.2cents with a voltage range of 10V
Built in two channel tuner with a wide pitch range
V/Hz mode with adjustable precission
Peripherals: 2x analogue in, 2x analogue out, 2x digital in, 2x digital out, Mini USB B device midi in/out, DIN midi in and out
Also features: Midi monitor, various alternative note notations, midi note on and off velocity mapping, adjustable midi base notes, transpose and shift scales via CV, pitch bend in, scale masks, and much more…
An extension module to add more channels is in developement
Designed and made in Germany
Comes with: SD card with pre-installed scales, USB Cable Mini B to type A, Eurorack power cable
Available as completely assembled module and DIY version

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