Vermona uniCYCLE Eurorack VCO Module
Vermona uniCYCLE Eurorack VCO Module
Vermona uniCYCLE Eurorack VCO Module
Vermona uniCYCLE Eurorack VCO Module

Vermona uniCYCLE Eurorack VCO Module

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Eurorack oscillator module

UniCycle is a compact precision oscillator with outstanding sound characteristics. The module generates six waveforms. Some of them are rather unusual. Linear and exponential FM, PWM as well as hard and soft sync connectors allows musicians to influence the VCO in various ways. For setting the pitch, there are flexibly employable coarse and fine tune potentiometers with a wide zero-point. In use, the UniCycle shines with beefy, multifaceted sound. The pitch tracking is excellent.

The UniCycle generates six waveforms, which are emitted by individual outputs. Some of the waves can be deformed via the PW potentiometer and a corresponding CV input. In detail, the VCO produces the following waveforms:

Pulse with variable width
Sawtooth with double basic frequency – This waveform is only generated while the PW potentiometer is set to 12 o’clock position. With the control element turned all the way to the left or right, a triangle wave with normal pitch is produced. Hybrid forms provide complex harmonics.
Even – This waveform consists exclusively of even-numbered harmonics. The harmonic content can be altered via the PW potentiometer.
For adjusting its pitch, the UniCycle features a tune potentiometer. Thanks to a wide “dead zone”, it is very easy to set the knob to its zero-point. A three-way switch determines the potentiometer’s control range:

Hi – Tune covers the full audio range
Oct – Tune covers a range of plus / minus one octave
Lo – Tune covers the low frequency range, meaning the module can be used as a LFO.
Additionally, a fine tune potentiometer was implemented.

Pitch CV signals are fed to the UniCycle via a 1v/octave connector. Other inputs include:

Linear FM
Exponential FM
Hard sync
Soft sync

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