Vermona VCDrive Eurorack Distortion Module

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Eurorack distortion module

The VCDrive is a voltage controlled Eurorack distorion module but none of the radical brutes devastating everything. Rather it always maintains its classy character and yet it is flexible enough to fatten up signals or to distort them intensely.

The amount of distortion can be adjusted manually as well as modulated with an extrenal control voltage, In the simplest case you use an envelope or a LFO herefor. With a dose of creativity the VCDrive provides you with way more complex results and can be utilized beyond the boundaries of "classic" use as a distortion.

The VCDrive is a first-class sound processor and shaper which shouldn't be missing in any modular system. It is always an effctive tool when realizing assertive bass, lead and drum sounds or when creating mad effect sounds.

1x audio input, 2x audio output
1x CV input for the drive parameter

3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 36mm deep
current draw: 30mA at +12V and 30mA at -12V

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