Winterbloom Sol Eurorack USB MIDI CV/Gate Interface Module

Winterbloom Sol Eurorack USB MIDI CV/Gate Interface Module

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Programmable MIDI-CV Eurorack Module

Sol is a uniquely customizable USB MIDI to CV/Gate module. It's designed to be useful right out of the box but flexible enough to accommodate a ton of different CV/Gate generation needs. It is an unusual module, though- Sol is the first Eurorack module that can be re-programmed using CircuitPython. It's designed from the ground up to be customized by you. You are not limited by what we’ve programmed the module to do and you don't have to become an embedded developer to impart your own magic into this module.

Sol is a re-programmable USB MIDI to CV/Gate module. It's functionally similar to Mutable's Yarns and Hexinverter's Mutant Brain, but with a little bit of Ornament & Crime mixed in plus some extra magics.

It's unique in that the program it's running is written in CircuitPython and is intended to be edited and customized by you!

How does it work? Well, when you connect Sol to your computer you'll both see both a MIDI device as well as a very small external drive. This drive has a file that you can edit with any text editor and customize how this module works. No complicated developer tools to install!

For programming examples and help, check out the Winterbloom website



Four 16-bit control voltage outputs with a range of -5 volts to +8 volts

Four gate/trigger outputs

One USB B port (& one nice Chroma USB cable included)

One very pretty RGB LED

+12v 38mA, -12v 6mA

100% open source hardware, firmware, and software

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