XAOC Devices Praga Eurorack Mixer Module

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Praga is an expandable four-channel voltage controlled mixer featuring a stereo mixing bus, two auxiliary sends with stereo returns, clickless muting, dedicated modes for unipolar and bipolar voltage control over volume, DC-coupling, and a super-clean signal path obtained via high-quality VCA and opamp chips.

We have carefully crafted Praga’s voltage control response to achieve what we believe to be the optimal user experience found in an eurorack mixer. The design features an elaborate control circuit that combines the internal voltages generated by the panel potentiometers with external CV over volume and pan. The result is a natural attenuator response that constrains VCA gain to an usable range while minimizing distortion.

Intuitive volume control behaviour
Voltage control over volume and pan
Dedicated modes for unipolar and bipolar voltage control over volume
DC-coupled signal path
Channel level indicators
Two auxiliary sends with stereo returns
Clickless channel muting

Eurorack synth compatible
20hp, skiff friendly
Current draw: +210mA / -180mA
Reverse power protection

Expandable by daisy-chaining more units
A dedicated Hrad expander module is planned

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