XAOC Devices Belgrad Eurorack Filter Module

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Belgrad is our first all-analog voltage controlled filter module which—on par with our other modules—brings something new to the table. While it can be used as a traditional VCF for “academic” subtractive synthesis, we guarantee countless hours of exciting timbral explorations thanks to its unique character, flexibility, and features. The most prominent feature is that it offers a multitude of frequency responses with two resonant peaks.

All analog, dual core filter design
10 distinct frequency responses
Wide tuning range, approx. 4hz to 28kHz
Low noise audio path
Voltage controlover the resonance and peaks balance
Nonlinear feedback and cross-modulation
V/octave input
Adjustable input overdrive

Eurorack synth compatible
14hp, skiff friendly
Current draw: +45mA / -42mA
Reverse power protection

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