Animal Factory Amplification Godeater Eurorack Distortion Module

Animal Factory Amplification Godeater Eurorack Distortion Module

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Eurorack Distortion Module

A legendary German band that influenced industrial music for years to come. A young drum virtuoso and breakout techno talent. A recording engineer to the likes of St. Vincent, Queens of the Stone Age and Ozzy Osbourne. A former Dire Straits and Paul McCartney drummer. A multifaceted producer and DJ who can play the most underground cuts to audiences of 35000 while producing for the likes of Lady Gaga and Frank Ocean. A hard techno legend known for smashing raves around the world with long, powerful live sets.

All of the above have offered praise for the Godeater pedal and consider it a pivotal part of their arsenal, with good reason. The extreme saturation of the low end guarantees a bass distortion like no other, making it no longer a necessity but a matter of aesthetic choice whether to dial the clean in or not.

Popular demand dictated that we release the Godeater in Eurorack format - after almost two years of research and development, it's finally in production. The delay gave us time to understand what people wanted from this module, and gave us the inputs we needed to make this one seriously special. This module offers CV control over almost every parameter without compromising on the signature sound that users of noisy things the world over have fallen in love with.

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