Animal Factory Tannhauser Gates Eurorack Mixer & Quad VCA Module

Animal Factory Tannhauser Gates Eurorack Mixer & Quad VCA Module

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Eurorack Mixer and VCA Module

Do Eurorack modules dream of electric cats?

Part performance stereo mixer, part quad VCA, AFA brings you our first offering in the stereo world with the Tannhäuser Gates. 

Based loosely on the Buchla 100 series Gates, each channel boasts a discrete VCA with a rich overdrive sound, stereo panning, a tilt EQ and an easily accessible mute switch. Each channel can be used individually as a mono track or all four can be summed down to the stereo output. The four channels have an individual CV input, or they can all be controlled via a master CV input.

The Tannhäuser Gates also hosts the capability for a stereo send and return path, expanding your sonic arsenal to other processing modules.

Tannhäuser Gates is designed with future expansion in mind. Adding up to three more Tannhäuser Gates modules, it is possible to build a performance mixer system of up to 16 channels, all summed to a single output module. The back side of the module is equipped with a number of expansion headers for easy integration with future modules.

Key Features: 

  • Discrete VCAs with a distinctive warm and fat tone when driven hard
  • Very quiet muting
  • Simple and very effective single-knob tilt EQ
  • Full stereo send/return and summing paths
  • Attenuverters on CV inputs allow for ducking
  • CV inputs normalize to a Master CV - amplify and/or duck 4 voices simultaneously
  • Future-ready with numerous expansion possibilities
  • DIP switches on back to accommodate for different output levels
  • Readily expandable to up to 16 channels (3 more Tannhäuser Gates) of Eurorack mixing!

Current Draw:

+12V — 146mA

-12V — 94mA

Dimensions: 20 HP (101.6 mm x 128.5 mm)

Depth: approx 34 mm

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