Emitum SanSan Eurorack Powered Travel Case (6U x 84hp)

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Emitum SanSan Eurorack Powered Travel Case (6U x 84hp)

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Lightweight Eurorack Case



emitum sán-sán eurorack case is made for all modular lover who travel a lot. sán-sán comes with super light weight, and fully low noise powered.

Built and assembled with extreme care and high quality. No matter where you are, sán-sán is a great instrument to company with you.

In the studio, touring or on stage, sán-sán is alway easy to take with. Made with high quality aluminum and coating. sán-sán only weight 2.1kg.

With sán-sán, say goodbye to noisy sound and dirty power. We took lots of effort on hardware design. For quiet and stable power system.

Easy and Low-cost

Using sán-sán to play eurorack with easiest way. sán-sán saving your budget, but with compact design.
sán-sán with rails track. Without sliding nuts, life will be much more better.


Space: 84hp x 2 (M3 rails)
Weight: 2.1 kg / 4.63 lbs (without power adaptor)
Size(w/ Lid): 428mm (l) x 268mm(w) x 113mm(h)
Size(w/o Lid): 428mm (l) x 268mm(w) x 58.6mm(h)
Depth: 29mm ~ 42mm
+12V: 1200mA
-12V: 1200mA
+5V: 1000mA
IO Board: 4 Quad Balanced Output


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