Endorphin.es Gateway Eurorack Expansion Module (Terminal) - Black

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Endorphin.es Gateway Eurorack Expansion Module (Terminal) - Black

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Eurorack expansion module



Gateway as expander for Endorphin.es' Terminal module allows for better envelope control as well as direct access to the hidden functions: CVs now can be routed directly to the parameters Shape or Duration and for each of the Terminals' channels there are two end-of trigger outputs. The Gateway turns the envelopes to oscillators and the lopass gates to -12dB lowpass filters, if desired!

But there are some functions that can be used without a Terminal, too: besides a 1+1 mixer with DC offset there's a revolutionary Autotune function for precise oscillator tuning!

Expander functions:
The switches and sockets located in the center expand Terminal's channels. Upper part corresponds to Airplane A and the bottom to Airplane B.
The switches assign the CV input of each section individually either to the duration parameter or the shape parameter.
The "ends" sockets are outputs which emit a trigger after finishing the attack or the decay phase.

If you set the VCF mode switch into upper position the corresponding lowpass gate of the Terminal will turn into a low pass filter with a slope of -12dB per octave.

Mixer function:
The Gateway not only is an expaner module for the Terminal but it might as well be used as a dual 1+1 mixer for CVs or audio. Signals at the inputs Key In and CV In as well as the offset voltage set with the potentiometer are mixed. The mix is available at the Drop Out socket.

Autotune function:
This is used to easily tune oscillators to the note "A" just by pressing a button, working with the mixer section. For instance conenct the 1V/oct output of a MIDI/CV interface to the Gateway's Key In socket. Connect Drop Out with the VCO's 1V/octave input. Patch a VCO waveform output to the Tune In socket at the Gateway. Press the note A at the MIDI keyboard. Press the Gateway's autotune button. That's it.


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