Endorphin.es Shuttle Eurorack Modular System

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Fully featured modular madness system from Endorphin.es, it's a trip!
The Shuttle System, from Endorphin.es, is the first full modular system they have produced. It includes five of their coveted modules, The Shuttle Control, the Furthrrrr Generator, the Grand Terminal, the Cockpit, and the Gateway. Shuttle Control allows for USB and MIDI signals to be converted into CV, for ease of connectability. The Furthrrrr Generator is a phat dual triangle core oscillator with built in waveshaping. The Grand Terminal is a complex filter bank, dual function generator, and FX processor, for all other synthesis utilities. The Cockpit is a 4 channel stereo mixer with side chain ducking. Gate way is a dual 1+1 unity mixer and polarizer. It can be used to scale, offset and invert voltages. With all these modules in one rack, one would have infinite fun! Features Shuttle System Contains 5 Endorphin.es Modules Shuttle Control - MIDI/USB to CV Furthrrrr Generator - Dual Oscillator with Waveshaping Grand Terminal - Multifunction Filterbank, Function generators, and FX processor Cockpit - 4 channel stereo mixer with sidechaining Gateway - dual unity mixer, scale - polarize - offset
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