Erica Synths Black Code Source Expander Eurorack Module

Erica Synths Black Code Source Expander Eurorack Module

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Erica Synths Black Code Source Expander takes the Code Source to next level by adding autobend feature and more noise/CV modes. Autobend provides a useful attack envelope for the internal clock generator’s pitch and some outside CV control. This feature helps to quickly achieve authentic chip-tune percussion and oldschool electronic game sounds.

NB! Use the ribbon cable supplied with the module to connect the Expander to the Code Source! To connect the Expander you will need to remove the security jumper from the socket on the Code Source module. Pay close attention to the connector socket marking and do not mix it up with the PSU connector! The Code Source Expander will work only with the Code Source module and is not intended to work as standalone module. Connecting PSU to the Expander will permanently damage it.


  • Autobend (attack) time control
  • Autobend depth attenuverter
  • Alternative mode switch
  • Autobend envelope output
  • Clock output

Technical specifications:

  • Power consumption +16 mA, -11mA
  • Module width 6HP
  • Module depth 25mm
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