Erica Synths Black Code Source Eurorack Dual Random Module

Erica Synths Black Code Source Eurorack Dual Random Module

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Erica Synths Black Code Source is unique design true stereo digital noise or dual random CV generator, using a complicated calculation of polynomials of various configurations. The module will fit ideally in percussion synthesis or random, self generation patches. The Code Source also can be used as an extreme effects unit to bitcrush and destroy sounds in radical ways.

Basically, you can consider it as a sample&hold noise generator, that is able to “rewind” or repeat incredibly long sequences of seemingly random levels. X, Y and S controls together provide over 4000 different dual CV sequences for every MODE switch position, that can be triggered via the S TRIG.


  • Dual random CV generator
  • Up to 9 noise flavours with adjustable pitch
  • All parameters are CV controllable
  • Expandable features with an Expander module

Technical specifications:

  • Output level -5...+5V (or 0...+10V)
  • CV level -10V - +10V
  • Power consumption +143mA, -64mA
  • Module width 10HP
  • Module depth 35mm
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