Erica Synths Dual Drive Eurorack Overdrive Module

Erica Synths Dual Drive Eurorack Overdrive Module

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Eurorack overdrive module

For extreme, distorted drums Dual Drive module is a must! The module features two identical overdrive sections with adjustable Gain and Drive level, each with three flavors of overdrive. CV control over Gain and Drive adds more expression, while built in limiter prevents output signal to run into undesired clipping. Furthermore, the output of the first section is normalled to the input of the second, so you automatically get extreme, versatile dual overdrive circuit. The module can be used in the stereo appliations as well and it's not limited for drums only - it will turn any sound source into roaring monster.

Two identical overdrive circuits
Manual GAIN and DRIVE controls
CV control with an attenuator over GAIN and DRIVE
Mode switch for selecting one of three overdrive flavours
Output signal limiter
Drive level LEDs

Audio output level -5V...+5V
CV level (full span) -5V...+5V
Power Consumption 58mA@+12V
Module width 10HP
Module depth 50mm

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