Erica Synths Fusion VCA V2 Eurorack Module

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The core of Fusion VCA is Russian miniature pentode 1Ж24B with a power consumption comparable to an LED. We developed unique audio and tube control circuits, so Fusion VCA sounds like nothing you’ve heard before.

Feedback adds harmonics to the original signal and acts similar to cutoff knob on VCFs and Deform knob controls amount of distortion in germanium diodes based circuit.


  • Miniature pentode based VCA
  • Manual VCA bias control
  • Audio signal feedback control
  • Germanium diodes/tube overdrive
  • Waveshaping – signal deform
  • 2 input signal mixer
  • Overdrive flavour select switch

The Erica Synths Fusion series modules are designed combining vacuum tubes and semiconductors therefore they bring warm, powerful sound and overdrive possibilities of vacuum tubes into your modular system. Erica Fusion series consist of range of modules used in sound shaping circuit – VCO, Mixer, real Ringmodulator using audio transformers and germanium diode ring, VCF, VCA and Analogue Delay/Flanger.

Technical specifications:

  • Audio input level: up to 20V ptp
  • CV input level: -10V - +10V
  • Signal attenuation: -80dB
  • Panel width: 12HP
  • Module depth: 35mm
  • Power supply: 21mA@+12V, 32mA@-12V
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