Klavis Mixwitch Eurorack Mixer & Switcher Module

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Focused versatility seems an oxymoron when describing the features that led to the design of the Mixwitch. With only a pinch of mixing, inverting and controlled switching, a plethora of combinations and uses are at your disposal. This is voltage processing magic!

  • Dual 2 to 1 mixers, normalized into 4 to 1
    • Click-less mute per mixer
    • Click-less polarity inversion per input with LED indication
    • Modulation vs. audio mode selection (lin/log) per mixer, with change of potentiometer curve response and LED indication.
    • Two LEDs on each output showing the amplitude and polarity of the output signal
    • Unconnected inputs present a fixed voltage to ease offset creation
    • Full range DC-coupled analog signal path
  • Switch/Selector
    • Switch among 4 inputs, only 2, or disabled
    • Select an input sequentially with a clock/trigger
    • Select an input randomly with a clock/trigger
    • Select an input in relation to a control voltage
    • CV and clock control are audio rate capable
  • Settings retained over the power cycle
  • High-quality potentiometers with metal shaft
  • Skiff-friendly & compact module
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