LEP Lumanoise V2 Desktop Chord/Drone Synth

LEP Lumanoise V2 Desktop Chord/Drone Synth

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Desktop Drone Synth

The lumanoise v2 have one square osc. one 12bit sawtooth osc. and 2 trautonium like sub oscillator.
We were inspired by the Oskar Sala Trautonium synth. We use one Trautonium tmaster oscillator under LDR control and 2 sub oscillator, where you can set the division frequency of the tmaster oscillator.
The oscillators pitch is controlled by a photo resistor, each oscillator have a volume pot. A 12 db low pass resonant filter, the filter cut-off can be controlled by the potentiometer or the photoresistor.

Lumanoise works with voltage between 9 and 12 volt
direct current DC, 500 ma tip\central + .

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