XAOC Devices Sofia Eurorack Transcendent Waveform Oscillator Module

XAOC Devices Sofia Eurorack Transcendent Waveform Oscillator Module

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Eurorack Oscillator Module



Model of 1955


Sofia is a unique analog oscillator based on an original waveforming principle. The sound is a mixture of a warm saturated base tone and two modulating ripple elements. A wide array of control inputs coupled with separate outputs for numerous components of the sound shaping chain allows for extensive self-patching and complex animation of the final waveform. The resulting range of possible sounds is surprisingly vast, including but not limited to: vowel-like, tearing hard-sync effect, woody pings, warm and fuzzy sine-like evolving tones with a touch of bright sparkle on top. Sofia pairs very well with filters, but it also shines with just a VCA.


– 100% analog circuity

– 2 organic sound components with extensive manual and CV control

– wide frequency range from sub audio to ultrasonic

– 3 frequency control inputs

– 8 parameter control inputs

– 6 signal outputs

– 24HP

– 30mm depth (including ribbon cable bracket)

– +12V: +90mA / -12V: 80mA / +5V: 0mA

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