Erica Synths Black X-Fade Eurorack Module

Erica Synths Black X-Fade Eurorack Module

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Erica Black XFADE is high-end module for smooth manual or CV controlled crossfading between two audio or CV signals,essential for modular performances.

Fade curve is calculated in a way that you do not loose signal amplitude in any crossfade stage, and LEDs give visual feedback on currently active input. When used with CVs, the module helps to come up with really advanced modulations. In addition Black XFADE can be used to boost CV and audio signals.


2 inputs with amplifiers and attenuators
Manually and CV controlled crossfade
Audio/CV mode switch
Crossfade status indication LEDs
Erica Black series are high-end modules with unique functionality. Only the highest quality components are used and all inputs and outputs are protected against undesired overvoltage. When designing the Black Series, we did not economise on the module width, we put design and usability first. Big knobs are assigned to functions that make difference in sound. The Erica Black series are a range of modules that together make an entire synthesizer.

Technical specifications

Input signal amplitude: up to 20Vptp

Xfade CV amplitude (full sweep): -5V-+5V

Input gain: 2

Power consumption: +35mA, -34mA

Module width: 10HP

Module depth: 25mm
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