Funque Mod	Eurorat Eurorack Distortion Module

Funque Mod Eurorat Eurorack Distortion Module

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Eurorack Distortion Effect Module


The Funque Mod Eurorat is a proper Eurorack adaptation of the classic Rat distortion pedal. The input is level shifted and sent into a faithfully reproduced circuit running off a 9V regulator. It’s then shifted back up to synth level and sent to the output.

Skiff friendly single board surface mount construction with audio grade electrolytic and film capacitors where appropriate.

Red power LED behind the panel in the middle of the A and other graphic design cues from the classic pedal version.

  • Power consumption: 14mA (+12V), 1mA (-12V)
  • Width: 4 HP
  • Depth: 25 mm (including power connector)
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